One Bank Account for Multiple AdSense Accounts

Managing AdSense accounts and linking them to your bank account can sometimes be confusing, especially if you are new to the process. In this article, we will delve into the topic of whether you can link one bank account to different AdSense accounts. We’ll explore the possibilities and limitations, as well as how the payout threshold affects the process. Let’s get started!

Can You Link One Bank Account to Different AdSense Accounts?

The question often arises whether it’s possible to link a single bank account to multiple AdSense accounts. The answer is yes, you can use different bank accounts for each AdSense account, or you can opt to use one bank account for all of your AdSense accounts.

Benefits of Using One Bank Account:

Using one bank account for all your AdSense accounts can have its advantages, especially if you are running multiple AdSense accounts for similar purposes. It simplifies your financial management, making it easier to track your earnings and payments.

Limitation for New Accounts

For those linking their bank accounts to AdSense accounts for the first time, there’s a limitation. If your earnings haven’t reached the payout threshold, which is typically 100 US dollars or the equivalent in your currency, you won’t be able to link your bank account.

Earnings and Payout Threshold

If your earnings in a given month are below 100 US dollars, you won’t receive a payment in that month. Instead, your earnings will carry over to the next payment date. The process continues until your earnings reach the minimum payout threshold.

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Re-linking Your Bank Account

Suppose you want to re-link your bank account to your AdSense account after removing it. In that case, you won’t be able to do so until your earnings reach the minimum payout threshold. If you encounter difficulties adding your bank account, it’s likely that your earnings haven’t reached the threshold yet.


Understanding the intricacies of managing bank accounts and AdSense earnings is crucial for content creators. Whether you choose to use one bank account for all your AdSense accounts or separate accounts for each, the payout threshold remains a significant factor in the process. Be patient, keep creating valuable content, and once your earnings surpass the threshold, you can easily link your bank account and receive your payments hassle-free.

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